Engagement Gift Idea for Daughter From Parents

Engagement Gift Idea for Daughter From Parents

Especially parents want to give their newly engaged daughter a beautiful and original engagement gift. After all, one’s own child does not get engaged all the time, and often only once. And as a parent, you want to celebrate this occasion properly.

Therefore, we would like to give you some tips and ideas along the way in this guide so that you too can find the right engagement present for your daughter. But even if you want to give friends or relatives an engagement gift, we have the right gifts for you as well.

The Perfect Engagement Gift for the Bride-to-be

An engagement gift should definitely be original. It does not matter whether it’s a large gift, a small gift, or a low budget gift. It is important that the gift comes from the heart. This usually pleases the bride the most. Often one is unsure which gift fits for the engagement, since the bride and groom usually express their clear wishes only for the wedding. Therefore, it is a very good idea to look for a memorable keepsake.

Well, so what do you give the bride-to-be as an engagement gift?

Engagement Gift from the Parents

Your own child has become engaged. This step is not only huge for your child, but also for the parents. Of course you want to make a nice engagement gift. As a general rule, the engagement gifts that come from the parents are more earmarked. Parents are already thinking about the future and therefore want to give away something sustainable.

If you want to help your children with your wedding planning, this is best done with a gift in form of money. Sounds a bit impersonal at first, but it is by no means. We all know that a wedding is not only a lot of fun, it also costs a lot of time and above all money. If you as a parent do not necessarily want to give away money, we have another tip for you. How about a voucher for the wedding rings? This coupon then serves another purpose and you can be proud that you have contributed to it.

Engagement Party Gift?

Another tip for you as a parent would also be to arrange the engagement party. How about a secret engagement party for the newly engaged couple? Here you can plan, for example, with the closest friends a nice party in a small circle. This celebration does not have to be expensive either. Many things can be organized by yourself. The newly engaged couple will definitely be happy.

Engagement Gifts from the whole Family

Depending on how big your own family is, you can also give a shared engagement gift with other relatives. Here, the entire family puts together a certain amount of money and a gift is provided on behalf of the family. However, you should discuss this beforehand with an inner circle. For example, a travel voucher for the newly engaged couple or maybe even the honeymoon would be a great idea. But be careful here. Maybe the bride and groom to be have different ideas about the honeymoon, which is why we prefer a romantic journey to celebrate the engagement.

But also a gift for their first home together, such as a new kitchen or other major purchases are always well received. In this case you should first discuss your idea with them.

The Golden Rule

The golden rule is: “If money is desired, please give away money as well”. You may still say that a gift of money is rather impersonal. But then we have a little tip for you. You can wrap the gift of money in a creative and original way, for example with a saying card or something you have made yourself.

Here, the future bride and groom will be happy in any case. With a gift of money, of course, there is always the question in the room, which sum is appropriate. All in all, this question is difficult to answer.

As a rule of thumb we can say that as a family member you should give away at least 100 dollars. Can also be up to 250 dollars. For the circle of friends and acquaintances, it is advisable between 50 to 100 dollars.

Funny gifts for engagement

Of course, you can also give away a fun gift for an engagement. Photobooks with beautiful souvenir photos are doing particularly well here. You do not have to go that far and pick photos of the drunken party nights, but there are certainly plenty of photos, which will definitely make you laugh. Incidentally, the photo book in combination with a gift of money almost always works well.

Engagement gifts – you should not give away

Of course, there are also some “Do nots”, gifts that you should not give as a betrothal. You know, the background of failed gifts is usually not very clear. Of course nobody will assume intent or even malice. Often there is a well-intended intention behind such mistakes, which turns out to be unsuccessful in retrospect.

Of course, this also includes the classic: the household appliances. Apparently, the claim that practical gifts have a raison d’être on the engagement table is still rock solid. As we have already explained to you, there is nothing wrong with a new home appliance if explicitly requested by the fiancee. But otherwise we strongly advise against it. Because nobody, really nobody needs a fifth blender, three coffee machines, any bizarre towels or other kitchen utensils.

Another case is the so-called dust catcher. These include homemade decoration items. Basically, there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you have enough creativity and want to give away something really extraordinary. But also here you are told that you should rather combine the home-made with the useful. And a nice, homemade card with a gift of money is always very useful.

Engagement Gifts From Parents – Return Gifts?

Dear future bride parents, let’s be honest: were the gifts that you always got from your own parents, according to your own taste? Was it always unconditionally pleasant? So before you reach deep into your pocket and give your children an engagement present that may not be needed or wanted, give them a little something first and then find out what they really wish as their engagement gift.

Nothing is more depressing than when they end up spending the rest of their lives with a coffee service, for example, which is only used when the parents-in-law come, because you rarely want to hurt your parents’ feelings and be wary of themselves to return the engagement gifts.

Our Conclusion

All in all, we can say that giving your child or friend something to betroth themselves is relatively easy. Pay attention to what the fiancee currently needs and do not give anything that is not already available or not needed. In the end, a nicely packaged gift of money still works best. The upcoming wedding costs a lot of money, so this is probably the most needed. But even a trip or a short trip are beautiful gift ideas for an engagement.

Did you know?
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